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SANOH KOHGYOH CO., LTD. was established in 1968 as a group company of NITTOH ZOHKI CO.,LTD. Starting with a 5-axis machining center, we use the latest machine tools to process and produce parts. We have a history of over 50 years and produce all the important parts of the hydraulic pump of NITTOH ZOHKI CO.,LTD.

Establishment date : 1968 August 1st

President : Akira Aikyo (Mr.)

Main processed products

  • 1. Manufacture, repair and sale of high and low pressure hydraulic machinery and equipment.
  • 2. Production and repair of medical instrument parts.
  • 3. Purchase and sale of electronic tubes, communication equipment, office equipment, hydraulic equipment, and medical equipment materials.

■Main machine Tools

5-axis control machining centerMU-4000VL(OKUMA)
Horizontal machining centerM4000H(OKUMA)
Vertical machining centerMX45VAE(OKUMA)
NC latheLB-15 LB3000EX ⅡMy(OKUMA)
Horizontal machining centerHCN4000(MAZAK)
CNC LatheMP6200(MAZAK)
Combined latheINTGREX200Ⅲ(MAZAK)
Milling machineMS(HITACHi SEIKI)

Address590-1 Takashi, Mobara City, Chiba, Japan (Inside NITTOH ZOHKI CO.,LTD.)
Tel+81 (0) 475 26 5361 (Japanese only)
Fax+81 (0) 475 27 4660

VISA support for distributor

If you need VISA support for your visit to NITTOH ZOHKI CO., LTD. factory and meetings, SANOH KOHGYOH CO., LTD. will support you.
In that case, please contact us using the " contact us " form on this web-site.

Distributor Wanted
We are looking for new distributors. If you are interested in becoming a distributor, please contact us by email. We will reply to you within a few days.

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