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Support for distributors

To enhance the added value of our hydraulic pumps,we offer a wide range of pre- and post-marketing services to customers in the industry.

Consulting and training

To companies newly becoming distributors, we offer training and consulting. We will visit the distributor's company and teach various points such as general usage, parts exchange method, safety check. You also can come to our factory in Japan and see how the pumps are made. We support distributors in various ways.

Pump Repairing

If the customer can not repair, we will repair at our company. In that case, the customer will send the product to our factory. Professional engineers will take responsibility for repair.

Pump parts

If the customer needs parts for repair, please contact us. We will send the necessary parts to the customer immediately.

Samples for new distributor

To the new distributor, we will provide samples of hydraulic pump with special price. We believe that it will be a promotion for end user acquisition. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

For help with your next pump application, talk to the experts.

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